About Us

AS SONA OTOMASYON, We are a group of highly educated and internationally experienced engineers who have been serving in the sector for more than 20 years, contributing to the engineering of many high prestigious buildings in Turkey. Our references are not limited to Turkey and can be documented with successful projects in many parts of the world from some Asian countries, especially Russia, to Europe and Africa. We are people who have gained experience in the best known global companies in the field of management and have been trained and with a global service and quality understanding.

OUR VISION AND PURPOSE Both the upcoming energy crisis and the ever-increasing need for security will be the most important problems of the coming years for developed countries as their limited energy resources and increased security needs due to their strategic location. We are on this way to bring solutions to these problems with measurable quality and international standards and to produce manageable costs with a total solution understanding.

OUR DIFFERENCE We are the only company in Turkey that fills all the gaps between different automation protocols, IT industry's own communication protocols and cloud solutions in the ever-changing automation technologies, which can expand without any technology and take you to the future without any problems, and does this with a single platform. Thanks to our solutions, industrial automation, building automation, residential automation, energy monitoring, energy automation, IT systems monitoring, Audio - Video System Integrations, Cloud Solutions, Weak Current Systems, etc. systems are the systems no longer independent from each other and not communicating to each other. Sona Automation Expands the Limits of Your Imagination in Automation, Integration and Productivity Solutions with the Power of Logic Machine, the World's Most Innovative Technology.

Logic Machine by Embedded System