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Logic Machine 5 Wall Type

Logic Machine Ambient is the most innovative and advanced technology product in the automation sector, and it opens the limits of your imagination in functions to infinity in automation, integration, scada, cloud or special features with its many unique features from scada function to protocol conversion, from cloud integration to IP Router function, unlimited programming power with script and block. With its Html5-based internal webserver, you can access it without requiring an additional application, make unlimited graphics and designs, and you can make multiple applications with unlimited user support. You can also integrate notification support into your systems with the mobile applications available in the IOS and Android store and modern technologies with the support of IOS Siri, Google Voice. With the temperature, humidity, air quality, barometer, light level sensors on it, you can constantly check the values of your location, take the necessary measures, take automation solutions, and send the values to cloud services with MQTT. You can include your system in the wireless solution network in your project with the EnOcean and Bluetooth sensors within it.
Logic Machine 5 Ambient Datasheet
Logic Machine 5 Ambient Manuel

Some Prominent Features
• Power-over-Ethernet energy support
• Automatic Ethernet connection control and notification according to error status
• Ethernet, Enocean, Bluetooth 4.0 , 1-Wire support.
• Support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and other cloud platforms with MQTT support.
• Perfect converter feature with KNX IP, ModBus TCP, BACnet IP, XML, SNMP and dozens of other protocol support.
• Unlimited scenario and logic support with script as well as block based programming.
• Internal temperature, humidity, air quality, barometer, light level sensor support.
• Detecting hand gestures and running scenarios
• Data logging, trend keeping and reporting to different platforms with excel-based format and technologies such as email, ftp
• iOS Siri and Google Voice control support
• Unlimited graphics support, PNG, GIF, JPG and SVG vectoral graphics support
• ARM processor power and low energy consumption
• Decorative wall type installation possibility with different colors and models

Web Based Scada and Plc Functions
With Logic Machine, you can provide graphics-based management of the system by using the most modern graphics technologies (PNG, GIF, JPG and SVG vectoral graphics support) that you collect and control with KNX, Modbus, DMX, Bacnet and many other protocols.
You can meet all your needs for modern scada system with Time program, Trend, Logging.
You can write unlimited scenarios, PLC programs, Logic with both Script and block based PLC programming.
With Html5 support, you can control your system over browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla without requiring any special software.
Thanks to mobile application support, you can receive critical alarms not only by email or SMS, but also by notification. You manage your graphics-based system from the mobile application. By integrating your critical functions with IOS Siri and Google Voice, you can control your automation system with voice.

Gateway and Cloud Support for Different Automation and IT Protocols
Below there are some sample protocol converter examples. These examples can be reproduced in hundreds of different combinations.
KNX Bacnet Converter
KNX Modbus Converter
KNX XML Converter
KNX DMX512 Converter
Modbus Bacnet Converter
Modbus XML Converter
Modbus DMX512 Converter
M-bus KNX Converter
M-bus Bacnet Converter
M-bus Modbus Converter
KNX Z-wave Zigbee Converter
Modbus Z-wave Zigbee Converter
Bacnet Z-wave Zigbee Converter
LM Wall Model and Comparison Table