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10 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen HMI Panel

SNHM10     10 Inch Capacitive Touchscreen HMI Panel

Our 10-inch capacitive touch screen HMI panel product meets all of your expectations from a modern HMI panel with its fanless structure, low power consumption and POE support. However, the real power of our HMI panel comes from the Logic Machine, which it works in integration. In this way, since all the features in Logic Machine are automatically controlled by this HMI panel, we come up with an automated HMI solution with unlimited possibilities. Modbus, KNX, DALI, Bacnet, Mbus and dozens of automation protocols, time program and trend features, PNG, GIF, JPG and SVG and unlimited and special graphic support with free design make this HMI solution unique for the automation world.


Some Highlights
• Power-over-Ethernet energy support.
• Automatic Ethernet connection control and notification according to error status.
• KNX, RS-485, RS-232 Ethernet, USB ports with Logic Machine. DI, AI, DO, AO inputs-outputs, DALI, 1-wire port, Enocean antenna support according to different models.
• Support for KNX, ModBus RTU / TCP, BACnet IP, DMX, M-Bus, XML, SNMP and lots of of other protocols with Logic Machine.
• Unlimited scenario and logic support with both script and block based programming with Logic Machine.
• Unlimited graphics support, PNG, GIF, JPG and SVG vectoral graphics support.
• ARM processor power and low energy consumption.
• 10 inches touch-operated capacitive screen.
• Flush-mounted, surface-mounted and panel mounting support.
• Support for 1 Ethernet port, 2 USB ports, 1 mini USB port.