Protocol Conversion Applications

Whether it's industrial automation, building or KNX-based solutions, for years protocol conversion solutions have been very limited, often limited solutions converting only 2 protocols into each other. For this reason, when you look at the market, you will see hundreds of kinds of protocol converters and gateway products. This limiting situation also exists as a sector. While there are converters for protocols in the automation sector, it is almost impossible to find protocol converters between IT industry languages (XML, SOAP, RSS, MQTT, SQL, IP SOCKET) and automation protocols (Modbus, Bacnet, KNX, DMX512 M-bus, etc.). This situation gets even more complicated as the wireless communication protocols Zigbee, z-wave enocean, gsm are involved. At this point, Logic Machine is the only product in the industry that supports all of these automation, IT and wireless protocols, supports them with a single product, and supports their different cycles at the same time. You can convert a KNX system to Bacnet, Modbus, Zigbee, XML, MQTT at the same time. You can convert Modbus RTU system to Modbus IP, Bacnet, KNX, IPSocket, MQTT. During these cycles, you can write logics and generate new points with mathematical operations. You can not only convert the protocols, but also observe the communication lines and report the line breaks.

Below are some sample protocol converter examples. These examples can be reproduced in hundreds of different combinations.
KNX Bacnet Converter
KNX Modbus Converter
KNX XML Converter
KNX DMX512 Converter
Modbus Bacnet Converter
Modbus XML Converter
Modbus DMX512 Converter
M-bus KNX Converter
M-bus Bacnet Converter
M-bus Modbus Converter
KNX Z-wave Zigbee Converter
Modbus Z-wave Zigbee Converter
Bacnet Z-wave Zigbee Converter